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  1. Intro to Course 2: While You're Abroad
    1. Create Info Log and Plan for Interaction
      • What We Hope You will Gain from this Course
      • Create Your Info Log
      • Update Your Profile
      • Explore Options for Interaction
      • Learn about how You may be Interacting during Study Abroad

  2. Logistical Issues While Abroad
    1. Travel Documents
      • Keep Your Documents Safe
    2. How to Communicate while Abroad
      • Read the Checklist for Communication
      • Communicate with Your Program Provider and On-Site Staff
    3. Money Management while Abroad
      • Stick to Your Budget
      • Learn how to Make the Most of Your Money while Abroad!
      • Hear how Other Students Managed Their Money Abroad
      • One Thing You should Always Have with You: CASH
    4. Staying Healthy
      • Review the Top Ten Health and Safety Tips
      • Read about How to Stay Healthy Abroad
      • Consider Your Mental Health and Medications
      • Research Drug Issues in Your Host Country
    5. Get Health Insurance
      • Learn about Insurance
      • Get Insurance if You Haven't Already
      • Confirm what Your Insurance Covers
      • Find Out about One Student's Experience
      • Experiencing Foreign Healthcare
    6. Staying Safe
      • Know the Risk Involved in Your Activities
      • Learn the Value of Acting like a Local!
      • Who can you Trust... Who's your Buddy?
      • How do You Want to be Remembered?
      • Staying Safe
    7. Road Safety Abroad
      • Learn about Road Safety
      • See what Types of Transportation are Best to Avoid!
    8. Avoid Crime and Legal Trouble
      • Learn about Avoiding Crime
      • Top Ten Ways to Not Become a Victim of Crime
      • Research Legal Issues in Your Host Country
      • Don't Put Yourself in Bad Situations
    9. Be Prepared for Emergencies
      • Read about how to Cope with Crisis Overseas
      • Make Sure You are Prepared for Emergencies
      • Research the Crisis Questions
      • Fill Out your Emergency Card and Emergency Action Plan

  3. Diversity Abroad: Special Challenges
    1. Issues of Diversity Abroad
      • Reflect on the Challenges of Diversity
      • Hear how Even Heritage Students can Have Difficulties Integrating
      • Consider the Benefits of Diversity
      • Hear why Students of Different Cultural Backgrounds should Study Abroad
      • Treatment Abroad
    2. Dealing with Discrimination
      • Special Challenges Overseas
      • Reflect on Your Identity and Experiencing Discrimination
      • Remember that You are Not Alone
      • Utilize Available Resources for Diversity
      • One Student's Concerns about Discrimination
    3. Stereotypes about the U.S.
      • Listen to how One Student Experienced Anti-U.S. Sentiments
      • Read about the "Ugly American"
      • Learn where the Anti-U.S. Stereotypes are Coming From

  4. Culture, Language, and Local Knowledge
    1. Ease Your Cultural Adjustment
      • How to Understand Your New Culture
      • Hear how One Student Adapted Faster than She Thought She Would
      • Learn More about Culture and its Impact
      • Speak with the Locals to Learn how to Improve Your Experience
      • Fitting into the Culture
    2. Research Your Host Country
      • Understand that Each Country's Culture is Unique
      • Immerse Yourself
      • Dressing in Other Cultures
    3. Tips for Language Learning
      • Tips on Studying Language
      • Practice and Persistence are Key!
      • Make Sure You Take Advantage of Your Opportunity!
      • Learn what to Do about Language Fatigue
      • Evaluate Your Strategies
    4. Improve Your Vocabulary & Speech Acts
      • Find Out how You can Use Mnemonics for Learning Vocabulary
      • Take the Mnemonics in Language Learning Quiz
      • Use what You Learned about Mnemonics
      • Learn about Speech Acts
    5. Understanding the World
      • Learn about Others and Yourself
      • Re-Test your Knowledge about the U.S.
      • Re-Test your Knowledge about Multinational Organizations
      • Learn More about the U.S. and World
      • Learn about Globalization

  5. While You're Abroad
    1. What do I Want to Accomplish?
      • Decide what You Want to Accomplish
      • Review your Goals
    2. Journaling Your Experience
      • Understand the Importance of Journaling
      • Read Ideas on How to Journal
    3. Your Experience So Far
      • Reflect on Your Experience So Far
      • Reevaluate Your Reasons for Studying Abroad
      • Continue Learning about Your Host Country
      • Exercise Balance while Studying Abroad!
    4. Learn about Re-Entry Challenges
      • Get Ready to Return
    5. Set Aside Time for Reflecting on Going Home
      • Reflecting on Going Home
      • Record Your Memories and Keep in Touch
    6. Saying Goodbye
      • Find Out why Saying Goodbye is Important
      • Learn from Others
    7. Duties and Customs Regulations
      • Learn about Duties and Customs
    8. Welcome Home Tips
      • Give Your Family and Friends Tips to Help You

  6. Preparing for Mentorship
    1. Analysis and Understanding
      • Make Sense of Your Experience
    2. Preparing for Mentorship
      • Prepare for Mentoring Students
      • Prepare for Mentorship in your Community
      • Begin Identifying your Resources
      • Evaluate Course 2