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  1. Intro to Course 3: Once You Return
    1. Create Your Info Log and Plan for Interaction
      • What We Hope You Will Gain from this Course
      • Create Your Info Log
      • Update Your Profile
      • Explore Options for Interaction
    2. Your Top Ten Goals after Returning Home
      • Determine Your Top Ten Goals
      • Determine Your First Small Steps toward Your Larger Goals
    3. Global Awareness and Diversity
      • Increase Your Understanding of Global Awareness and Diversity
    4. Evaluate your Re-Entry Adjustment So Far
      • Hear About One Student's Experience with Re-Entry as a New Person
      • Assess Your Re-entry Adjustment So Far
      • Compare with Others who have Gone before You
    5. Say No to Shoeboxing
      • Avoid Shoeboxing
      • Watch Student Videos of Their Study Abroad Experience!

  2. Logistical Issues I
    1. Study Abroad Evaluation
      • Evaluate Your Experience
    2. Improve Your Program
      • Ideas for Improving Your Program
    3. Academic Credit
      • Answer the Academic Credit Questions
    4. Get Organized on Campus
      • Handle Re-Entry Logistics

  3. Adjusting to Life Back Home
    1. Re-Entry Challenges
      • Find Out the Top Ten Challenges
      • Read about Reverse Culture Shock
      • Hear about these Studentsí Re-Entry Experiences
      • Interpret One Student's Experience
    2. Reflect how You have Changed
      • Hear how Studying Abroad Builds Your Self-Reliance
      • React on Your Changes
      • Hear One Student's New Perspective on Life
      • Learn about Yourself and what You are Truly Capable Of!
    3. Re-Entry Strategies
      • Strategies for Effective Re-Entry Adjustment
      • Listen to Re-Entry Advice from a Faculty Member
      • Know You are Not Alone
      • Plan a Party!
      • Stay in Touch with Your Study Abroad Friends
    4. Re-Entry Effects
      • The Importance of Self-Reflection
      • Compare Your Answers

  4. Continuing Learning Back at Home
    1. Integrate Your International Learning
      • Get Suggestions for Using Your New Knowledge
      • Incorporate International Studies in Your Degree Plan and Future
    2. Maintain Your Language Skills
      • Create Your Action Plan
    3. Plan to Continue Learning
      • Decide how You will Continue Your Learning

  5. Global Citizenry
    1. Intercultural Sensitivity
      • Understand Intercultural Sensitivity Development
      • Move Forward in Your Own Development
    2. The Role of the U.S. in the World
      • Describe Your Changing Perspectives
      • See how You may View the World Differently
    3. Review your Perspective on the U.S.
      • Explain how Your Views may have Changed
      • Describe Your Views
    4. The Role of Culture in Global Issues
      • Revisit the Concept of "Your Culture"
      • Explain Your Own Culture
      • Look at the Cultural Context
    5. Challenge Yourself in Your Own Community
      • Continue to Leave Your Comfort Zone from Time to Time
      • Put Yourself in an Unfamiliar Cultural Context
      • Explore Your Own Community when You Return

  6. Become a Mentor to Other Students
    1. What it Means to be a Mentor
      • Read about Mentoring
      • Share Your Stories and get Others Excited about Their Opportunities!
    2. Prepare to Share Your Experience
      • Read Other Students' Stories, then Write Your Own
      • Create Your Statement
      • Share how You have Grown
      • Share Your Coolest Experience
      • Photo Slide Show
    3. Study Abroad Success
      • Ideas for Improving Your Program Orientations
      • How would You Help Someone Prepare?
      • Compile Your Top Resources
    4. Diversity Issues Abroad
      • Complete the Survey about Diversity Issues
      • Inform Others about Diversity Issues in Your Host Country

  7. Provide Outreach to Educate Others
    1. Recruit for Study Abroad on Campus
      • Read about Recruiting for Study Abroad
      • Design Your Campus Presentation
      • Present Your Experience!
    2. Present at a K-12 or Community College
      • Read about Presenting to K-12 and Community College Students
      • Design Your K-12 or Community College Presentation
      • Present Your Experience!
    3. Share Your Story with Others
      • Give Access to Others
      • Share Your Story with Faculty and Advisors
      • Educate Your Community about Your Experience

  8. Continuing your International Experiences
    1. Think about Going Abroad Again
      • Go Again and Again and Again!
      • Start Thinking about Your Plan
      • Hear about the Importance of Traveling during College and Beyond
    2. Work, Volunteer, or Intern Abroad
      • Learn about Working and Volunteering Abroad
      • Learn about Teaching English and Internships Abroad
      • Explain Your Choice
    3. Graduate Programs Abroad
      • Read about Graduate Schools with an International Component
      • Choose Your Programs of Interest
      • Hear about One Student's Plan to Return Abroad
    4. Funding for Graduate Programs Abroad
      • Learn about Resources for International Study Funding
      • Explore Alternative Sources of Funding

  9. Logistical Issues II: Job Search
    1. Skill Assessment
      • Hear how Study Abroad may Help Define Your Career Path
      • Take Inventory of what You Learned
    2. Learn to Articulate Your Experience
      • Prepare to Answer Questions
    3. Build an International Career
      • Read about Creating an International Career
      • Hear how Study Abroad can Help with Your Future (International) Career!
    4. Create Your Resume
      • Get Tips for Writing Your Resume
      • View Samples and Create Your Own Resume

  10. Congratulations on Completing the Course!
    1. Research/Interview a "Global Citizen"
      • Determine what Exemplifies a "Global Citizen"
    2. Life-Long Learning from Study Abroad
      • What One Student Learned from Studying Abroad
      • Write Your Final Reflections
      • Evaluate Course 3